Alpe d’huez 2019 – Girls With Balls : "from the moment one is in for something extreme, this is where it becomes fun"

On the occasion of the presentation of the comedy horror “Girls With Balls” Olivier Afonso at the Festival of comedy of Alpe d’huez, meeting with a part of the team of this film crazy, screened in many festivals. OCS AlloCiné : How can we-show-you Girls With Balls in a few words ? In other words, as the film may surprise, or even split, we say, to know where one puts the feet ! Louise Blachère, actress : As I tell my buddies, it is a comedy about a team of volleyball female who finds himself lost in the woods and is being stalked by hunters, who will have to team up to survive and fight sometimes even with balloons. Anne-Solenne Hatte, actor : neither do We, we do not know where we were going to put feet, on all levels. Both in the narrative : there is a team of volleyball, you win matches, you share in the unknown, we get lost in the village and while rocking. In the same way that this meeting and this shoot have been addressed in the same way : it started with a week of rehearsals, meeting up with the girls, beach, precisely to be a lot more accommodating. After that, we trained, we did of course casacades, there has been full of changes, of climate… Olivier Afonso, director : I talk a lot about them as a comedy first and foremost, a comedy trash. It is true that it is a comedy that may come as a surprise, because there are a lot of codes. We allow freedoms. If I want to make explode a head, I exploded ! I am not at all in a will demo gore or something painful, it is still very fun. The basic story is quite simple : these are the players of volley that get lost in the forest and who of a sudden are taken in hunting by a degenerate. This is just an excuse to talk about the cohesion of the group, what are the people that are going to separate, that is going to take the head of the group and how it will happen… All this to realize very quickly that as soon as they unite their forces, it may work or not. It is all this life group that interested me. I really wanted a movie female, with female roles strong, as it talks about things other than problems of guys.

The film goes far enough, there are scenes a little bit extreme… Olivier Afonso : from the moment one is in for something extreme, this is where it becomes fun. Right from the introduction, from the beginning of the film, we understand that it is a film for a laugh, that it is a work of fiction. There’s even a narrator who reminds us that it is in the cinema. It is just to relax the viewer and tell him that maybe he will see things sometimes scary or violent, but it is to laugh ! This is for joke. So relax, it’s for fun ! This vision, sometimes far from certain scenes, it is just to be totally honest with the viewer. I’m tired of movies that suggest, and which we understand very quickly that it can’t happen. I wanted you to say that, at any time, it can happen, it can happen. What was the physical preparation for this film, which contains a lot of waterfalls ? Anne-Solenne Hatte : beyond the fact that this is a film with a cast quite feminine, which was great, is that we have been able to learn to fight to do our own stunts. We did a couple of training sessions, enough military. We were still 3-4 hours of training. With all the girls, we loved it. After, on the spot, it was different, we were shooting in the mountains, it was more complex, more dangerous. It was necessary that we compose with the natural elements. Louise Blachère : It should be said that the waterfall, it is in the game. As actors, you also learn a lot to fall, to pretend to receive a beating. The stunt with which we worked are really awesome and have made us great cascadeuses and large bagarreuses, thanks to their work. This is another rope game for an actor, it’s nice. Olivier Afonso : It was super important to me that this is the actresses who do their stunts. When we started this film, writing this story, it was not at all in a activism or a claim to something of a feminist, etc, We still wanted to go to the end of the trick : if you created characters that we don’t usually see, it had to also do things until the end : the actors do their own stunts. That people believe it ! Louise Blachère : It has even tried to learn to play volleyball ! It was hard work ! He had to have the air pro. Olivier Afonso : In front of the team of the Falcons, it has real players of volleyball, the team of Tenerife. We realize that it requires discipline, rigor, and devotion. It is quite military ! We’ve had the chance to work with them. Moreover, there is Jeanne and Serge among the references in the film. What were the other references ? Olivier Afonso : Jane and Serge, that is, a foot of nose to the series, and that made us laugh. Moreover, the character of Azuki, it is Jeanne Azuki. Of course, there are references to other films. But this was not the will of the fanboy, of the style : “I’m going to make you winks “. I am a child of the 80’s. I grew up with the films of the years 80-90 as Ghostbusters. There is the Spanish film that I like a lot too, such as The Iglesia. There are also the beginnings of Peter Jackson, Monty Python, The Void… All of these films have obviously nurtured. The COMICS, the cartoons… I wanted to find a little bit of Scooby Doo in the movie, the van, etc, it’s All part of popular culture, the pop culture that fed me, especially with a desire for total freedom. Moreover, there is a small side of Red is dead [spoof-movie that opens The City of fear], obviously less offset or surjoué… Olivier Afonso : indeed, I would really like to have the opinion of Alain Chabat on my film, if one day he hears this. I would like that he sees the film, he tells me what he thinks. The film already has a small little traveled… Olivier Afonso : Yes, it was in Austin, Texas at Fantastic Film Fest. He made GrimmFest in Manchester, and then to Sitges in Spain, Ithaca, New York, at the AFM in Los Angeles. This film was written as a film festival. And besides, there was one thing that I regret a lot at the moment, it is that we are losing this side show to the cinema, to the output side. When I was a kid, going to the cinoche, it was the holiday. It is for that that I want to do a film festival with an audience who will react or seeing at home with friends because it’s fun. It is a movie that you want to share. Is it that it has been complicated to mount this project ? Olivier Afonso : Yes, it is a real war edit films like this. You spend your time trying to convince them that it can be done. These are films that are in economies that are fairly modest, with little time to shoot. We are going to the energy, guts. A quick word to finish on Orelsan, who opens the film, among other caméos, we keep this secret… Olivier Afonso : With Orelsan, it is done simply. I worked with him for a little while and it became a friend. I proposed it to him like this : “You don’t want to make the narrator of my film ? You see the rooster in Robin hood ? Well, that’s it !” I asked him if he played guitar. He told me : “no.” I asked him to play the guitar and told him I didn’t want to Orelsan, but Aurélien Cotentin, of his real name. I wanted to Aurélien comedian. It was agreed not to be very careful as to how he was going to sing, to play on the fact that sometimes he sings false. To play really the comedy. A narrator, well to the West, completely to the picks, that is in the film, not to be in the movie. It spoile the film, in telling the end!!! It is the narrator the most rotten of the world, and also the most essential and awesome that I found ! Interview by Brigitte Baronet at the Festival of La Roche sur Yon, in October 2018

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Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3741 Monday 25 February 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Victory takes risks to protect Yann Moss. Mila passes the sponge in the face of his mother, once more. Kevin discovers the power conferred by his profession. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode, More Beautiful life aired Monday night on France 3 ! Victory puts himself in danger to protect Yann Moss When Yann Moss reveals that he is engaged in ecology, thanks to the influence of the father of Victory, himself an activist and who had disappeared suddenly, the young woman is upset. She lies to Ferri on the plans for the Moss to divert his attention; but she refuses to join Yann Moss in his fight, still too baffled by these revelations and his need for a quest for identity. Sacha, worried about the actions of Victory, demand accounts to Yann Moss. The young man puts it in the face of his jealousy : there is a risk of losing Victory if he tries to control it at any price. During this time, Nebout and the substitute prosecutor shall take Ferri to hunt; but for this they need the testimony of the wife of Sacha, and are completely unaware of his true identity… Mila is manipulated by his mother Mila receives a call from the commissioner’s office : his mother has again made a stop to drunkenness on the public highway. Despite his discussions with Valero on its leniency vis-à-vis her, she gives in and visits him while she is in a cell sobering up. Carol Leconte witnesses the scene and, excited, takes the girl aside and made him understand that his mother is very lucky to have a girl so forgiving that he forgives all, which is far from the case with his own son, Valère… revenge is a dish best served cold for Kevin While Kevin is talking with Baptiste at Mistral, he overhears Blanche trying to walk his dog and not picking up its droppings. He saw in this an unhoped-for opportunity of revenge for his French teacher that she had no gift when he was a high school student, and verbalise in spite of his protests. A little later, Frank goes to greet the young officer at the police station, and tries to coax them to cancel the fine of White. But Kevin did not budge and the threat of accusing him of attempted bribery !

Folklore : a horror anthology revisits the myths and legends asian on HBO
Plus belle la vie : summary what you can expect in the episode 3768 Wednesday 3 April 2019 [SPOILERS]


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Black Snake : the film Thomas Ngijol, but also the (small) video game !

The release this Wednesday of the Black Snake, the super-hero hidden and ultrasapé liberator of the people to the dictator Hezekiah, is accompanied by a small game way Beat ’em All in Pixel Art, playable in a browser, with Orelsan and” – Dosseh inside ! JABULILE PEARL HLANZE This 20 February, Thomas Ngijol returns in front of and behind the camera for the better and especially for the laugh with the Black Snake, the legend of the black snake. The history of Clotaire Sangala, who returns to his native country in Africa after having lived in Paris. Raised by a grand-father is chinese (!) an expert in martial arts, persuaded to have been found in a garbage can, Clotaire ignores all of the glorious past of his parents. Addicted to women and the easy life, selfish and without ambition, Clotaire will yet be caught up by his destiny… He will become “Black Snake”, the super-hero hidden and ultrasapé, liberator of the people to the dictator Hezekiah. Below, the trailer for the film, which sets the tone for the character… Black Snake, the legend of the black snake trailer VF The film’s release also comes with a mini friendly game playable in your browser. All-in-pixel (but readable !), this little game is also thought of as a tribute to the Beat’em All of the years 80-90, way, Street of Rage or Double Dragon. Among the selectable characters include Orelsan and ” – Dosseh, a small nod to their participation in the soundtrack of the film. Of course, you can control the Black Snake himself, which unlocks from time to time his super kick of death to get the villains. Don’t forget the little drink / can of Power Up that goes to replenish the energy ! A mini game that is nice to do in between filling in the Excel table or if you’re bored in a meeting, testable here .

Cinema : Apprentices parents, Escape Game, in cold Blood… The international films of the week
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Plus belle la vie : summary what you can expect in the episode 3769 Thursday 4 April 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… as the fighting between Nebout and Oliveiri resume, Luna understands that she will never be autonomous in spite of his good-will. Samia, it was an unexpected encounter. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Nebout and Olivieri resume hostilities After the shooting, and the leak Messaoud, the commissioner Olivieri puts Nebout walk for serious misconduct. But the judge Aumont has argued, because it protected his family above all. She blames Anne its grievance personal against Patrick, who are unable to see its qualities of cop. The priority being to stop Messaoud, it is brought back into the service reluctantly. During this time, the trafficker, a refugee in a squat, asks Jenny to go get a bag of tickets hidden in a building in exchange for a portion of the amount. The young girl agrees, and lies to Kevin when he asks her about the fugitive… the End of the game for Luna, having spent the night in a box, Mouss is exhausted, but Luna, re-invigorated, has no intention of letting himself be overcome ! Both enjoy a good meal at the restaurant and, on an impulse of Luna, leave without paying ! While she seems to have regained a taste for life with this little escapade in the company of his friend, Luna collapses when she discovers that she is now incontinent. It can never be as independent as she was… back to the rehabilitation centre, prostrate in his bed, nothing seems to cheer him up, and even less tips thoughtless of her mother. Samia made a blunder After the airing of her interview on the site of Massilia News, Samia receives many calls insulting on the part of anonymous on the answering machine of the beauty salon, which the treaty of all the names. Then a man shows up to the institute for giving him her number, she sends it to walk stiffly and threatens to lodge a complaint. But reading his card, she realizes that he is the member of parliament for the constituency, simply interested in its application ! Confused, she hesitates to seek his aid, fearing that his invention would be used for political purposes…

Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine share the poster of the Lion
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It Miracolo : a season 2 is planned ?

Launched on 10 January on Arte, the series Italian “Il Miracolo” ends already this evening with the airing of its last two episodes. A season 2 will see it soon on the day or is this the end of the miracle ? Montesi Antonello Created, written, and performed by the novelist Italian Niccolo ammannati worked in order, the series Miracolo tells about the upheaval that causes several people to the discovery of a statuette of the Virgin mary crying tears of blood. An event inexplicable, all except the rational, which takes us, of eight episodes on the borders of the drama, mystical and thriller films. Launched on 10 January on Arte, the series had managed a nice start in bringing together nearly a million viewers for its first episode, and 894 000 curious on the average of the three episodes of the evening. After rather well, maintained last week (752 000 viewers on average), It Miracolo ends tonight with the last two episodes of the season. And a question will necessarily arise for all those who have enjoyed this series like no other : a season 2 will-t-she-soon to be the day on Sky in Italy and later on Arte ? “Even if viewers often request a second season when they liked a series, Niccolò, said to me once the season ends : “I did what I had to do’,” explained the producer Mario Gianani in a press conference last December. “But you never know, it will happen maybe a miracle,” he eventually added, not without humor. In short, you will have understood, no follow-up is provided by its creator and producer and, anyway, without too much spoiler, we can say that a season 2 is not required, necessarily, once the eighth and the last episode of Il Miracolo completed. The trailer of Il Miracolo, which ends tonight on Arte : Il Miracolo – season 1 trailer VO

Alex, the destiny of a king : the young actors are they mastered Knights of the Round Table ?
Grey’s Anatomy : "there is a lot of passion and sexual desire between Meredith and DeLuca" according to Giacomo Gianniotti

Asterix and the secret of the magic potion : the movie by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy is more than 4 million entries

By toutatis ! The animated film “Asterix and the secret of the magic potion”, co-directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, recently passed the four million viewers. SND GROUPE M6, This is more of a success, it is a triumph ! For his fourteenth week of operation, the animated film Asterix – the secret of the magic potion has exceeded the symbolic threshold of four million people, a total far superior to that encountered by Asterix – the domain of The gods (2,996 million entries in 2014) also directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy. But this is not all, since internationally, the film has already collected 2 million spectators, while he is not yet out in Germany and Italy, two countries where the adventures of Asterix and Obelix are very popular ! The scores, which allow this new part of becoming a great success for an animated French film since 12 years and the release of Arthur and the Minimoys by Luc Besson. A triumph, therefore, who could convince Alexandre Astier to again be a part of Louis Clichy for a third installment, after the shooting of his film Kaamelott completed !

Dragon Ball : when the voice VF-Goku Brigitte Lecordier met his counterpart, japanese-Masako Nozawa

A video of the behind the scenes of the dubbing of the series “Dragon Ball” has surfaced, including the summit meeting of the two voices (VF + VO) Goku’s child, Brigitte Lecordier and Masako Nozawa. Called tôei Animation Company This is a video that will be the effect of Proust’s madeleine for anyone who grew up with the cartoons of the Club Dorothée ! A story of a team of japanese television in the scenes of the French dubbing of Dragon Ball has indeed surfaced on the canvas, showing the iconic actors of dubbing, such as Céline Monsarrat, Eric Legrand or Brigitte Lecordier give voice to embody the characters of the cartoon cult. But this is not all, since this video is about seven minutes, we also propose to attend the historic meeting of Brigitte Lecordier his counterpart japanese Masako Nozawa, during a recording session of the franco-japanese dialogue between Gohan and his father Goku. In the behind-the-scenes studios AB and the dubbing of the animated series Dragon Ball :

Noémie Schmidt : "With Paris is to Us, I had a lot more freedom than on a traditional turning" [INTERVIEW]

Young actress revealed in, among others, The student and Mr. Henri, where she stood Constance, Noémie Schmidt is now the poster of Paris is to Us, a French film shot with no budget available on Netflix. Meeting. AlloCiné : You have turned Paris is to Us without authorization, depending on the events in paris (events, concerts…). Have you had difficulties ? Noémie Schmidt : It was not difficult because we do not put pressure. If we could turn it was and if it became too hot, if there was too much of lacrymos, of people, of anguish, or that the scene wasn’t working, they stopped and we were going to drink the glasses ! (laughter) This was not a shooting traditional film on which it is necessary to work a certain number of hours… We had no budget, we did it on our free time. We took our Saturday, and we said, ” if it works so much better, and if not, it is not serious!!! “From there, it has not found it difficult. However, there have been tense moments, panic, the crowd… But there was also some magic moments, such as, for example, the plans of a coup were put in place without realizing it and which were magic in their construction. We had plans-sequences of crazy that we would have if we had thought in advance ! If you had to name a favorite memory of filming in particular.. ? There are a lot, but there is one that I really got because he stayed in the film, in the middle of it. This is the moment where I’m coming in Place of the Republic. We had passed the procession of head and we arrived at a place completely empty. Encircled by riot police, blocked and barricaded by the trucks, we was all alone with the director, who was filming. I started running because my character runs the whole length of the film, and at one time the ambulance arrives and stops battery at the right time. Behind me, a firecracker explodes so I turn around violently, the filmmaker follows me with the camera, and there, there’s a flight of pigeons that rises to the top of my head. It was a choreography pretty magical ! There are many moments in the film where your character wanders around in Paris and feels oppressed by what surrounds it. What vision did you want to give to the capital ? We wanted to tell a context that paris, which is quite scary, and that continues even today. This is not the Paris of the postcard that we wanted to tell, rather it is the Paris of the manipulation of the media, police violence, the fear. We wanted precisely not to be determined by this fear, do not wait until you have permissions to film and to tell a story free of a person who is actually oppressed by the weather. What are your plans after the release of Paris is to Us ? Already, the movie comes out February 22nd and I am super happy to have finally returns because it has been shown to very few people. Otherwise, I shot a movie in the fall where I played a country veterinarian, so nothing really to do with Paris is to Us ! (laughter) there is also a film that I shot in German there is a year and a half who will come out on march 6 in French-speaking Switzerland. And in this moment I’m doing a workshop with my roommates and we worked on drawings on the theme of ” how to invent a new world ? “The trailer for Paris is : Paris is ours trailer VF